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Making Media That Matters


Critical thinking.

Social justice.

Media that matters.

Making Media That Matters (MMTM) is a filmmaking program designed for young people who identify as girls (cis/trans), femmes, non-binary, gender-fluid, and gender-queer.⁠

MMTM aims to foster critical thinking and storytelling skills, as well as the technical abilities to create, write, direct, and edit their own film projects. Through the program, youth can become agents of social change by using film as a medium. ⁠

MMTM is intentional in providing a space for youth to redress the inequities in mainstream film production and promoting alternative ways of being and doing in film and everyday life. ⁠
⁠Don't miss this opportunity to develop your filmmaking skills, tell your stories, and unleash your brilliance!⁠

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