Making Media That Matters


Critical thinking.

Social justice.

Media that matters.

Making Media That Matters is a filmmaking program for girls and young women to develop critical thinking, learn storytelling, the skills and the tools to create their own media content, and become agents of social change through film. 

Each session opens with a social justice dialogue facilitated by a community partner. After the SJ talk story, we transition to the filmmaking component of the program to teach skills and key concepts, such as the ingredients of visual storytelling, the crafting of a story, the different roles in filmmaking, the production process from pre to post, including editing and exporting a complete short film by the end of the program. The participants are organized in production crews assisted by a filmmaker mentor. Once the program ends, we host a virtual screening for family and friends, and youth-led social media campaigns aimed at engaging the community at large for social change. 

Past Programs by Year

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