Making Media That Matters

Summer 2015

June 22 - July 30, 2015

The Beginning of MMTM 2015 by Lahela Howell

Starting on June 22, 2015, we kicked off our Making Media That Matters (MMTM) film program at the Arts at Marks Garage in Chinatown, Honolulu. MMTM is a 6 week long program that meets twice a week (Mondays and Thursday) from 1:30 – 4 pm. The main goal of the program – though far from the only goal – is to produce stories that we (the women filmmakers) want the world to see from our perspectives. ....

The second week of MMTM picked up where we left off as we turned our attention once more to Miss Representation. Rather than talking about the initial impact the movie had on us, we started to focus on what kind of message it sent to us, and what kind of message it made us want to create ourselves. We asked ourselves questions like, “Who are we to judge each other as women?”“......

From the discussions we had been having over the first few weeks, the program mentors noticed two prominent themes: the complexity and strength of women. The girls agreed that while these themes are somewhat vague and overarching, they allow enough of a direction as well as flexibility to be explored through film. The girls then split into two groups and ....

Week 3 was largely dedicated to the technicalities of filmmaking. Now that we had all sufficiently brainstormed and created a general idea of what we wanted our films to look like, the next step was how to bring this movie to fruition. To start it off, we did a group reading of a few pages from the screenplay of the hit movie Little Miss Sunshine. . ....

People rarely think about the technicalities that go into filming a documentary. Film is tedious. You have to set up the camera and the sound equipment just right and then make sure that they sync up together in order to make your post-production process just a little bit easier. You have to make sure that if you’re filming in the same spot on a different day that you know where all the equipment was today so you ....

While the Strength group chose to do a documentary style, the Complexity group decided that an experimental style film would allow them to convey their message better. A day of filming for the Complexity group differs vastly from that of the Strength group. Where the Strength group practiced meticulous organization....

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Final Films

Strong Women 101

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2015 Summer MMTM was made possible thanks to the generous support of the
Hawai‘i Women Legal Foundation
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