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Quiet before the storm - EJ day #5

It’s definitely quiet before the storm in our second to last session. The day before we watch the final product and wrap up another successful camp.

Finding B-roll, music, finishing recording, filming and editing are the most common items on the collective To-Do list Vera has created for everyone at the front of the room, ultimately ending with wrapping everything up nice and neatly in a press kit.

The room is mostly empty throughout the day with everyone being outside or in the other room filming whatever they can while we have the space.

How privileged we are to bear witness to all this mana-making/world-building. Footsteps, keiki laughing at the preschool out front, slates snapping into place, an ‘action!’ here and there. All against the backdrop of the steady hum of heatwaves and a hotter than usual Hawai’i summer.

Everything is still and moving at the same time it feels like. A feeling one can get when creating or when one is around people in the midst of creating; the rush of making everything and (when it’s going well) the calm of knowing it will all eventually come together. As we can expect to see with this camp and whatever these teams have planned for us in the final session.


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