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Production buzz at MMTM

I sent an email at the beginning of the week that if the participants wanted to come in earlier than usual, they could. We are nearing the completion of the program and are in deep production. We need to soon be in post-production to finish everything in 8 weeks. Well, I did not receive any replies back from the girls (in reference to the email), but when I arrived at the Waiwai at 8:03 am, I was late!!! Several of the participants were already there, carrying props for their films and setting their locations. I was so happily impressed! The production buzz was definitely present and everyone was excited to bring their film ideas to fruition.

We wanted to honor this enthusiasm, but we felt it was also important to take a moment to open the space with a circle on the Honolulu Pride Parade that was taking place that same day. We could feel their eagerness to get to work, but still managed to ask what they knew about Pride, and if they had any questions. Once the circle was over, they all made the last edits to their scripts, set the equipment, and began filming - all the way until the end of the session.

It was a very dynamic session, as they were all very engaged in production. It was also a lot of fun, as I kept hearing bursts of laughter here and there. By the end of it, we were all exhausted, but it was that kind of happy exhaustion that comes from spending time doing something you are very invested in while having fun.


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