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Jelo Media, Boba Team, and Mint Chip Media good to go! EJ day #2

The second day of the Environmental Justice reel camp was kicked off by Clara and Lucy from the Hawaiʻi Youth Climate Coalition giving a presentation on the work they do as part of the coalition. They emphasized the importance of young people becoming active in the climate movement and offered ways participants can get involved in the fight for environmental justice.

After this presentation, the participants went straight back into camera work with the film mentors. In addition to reviewing what was learned yesterday, Vera gave a short lecture on audio and participants were able to practice both filming and recording audio. With ample time set aside for each team to practice these different parts of filmmaking, participants had the opportunity to engage in mock setups where they used the slate, filmed each other, recorded short bursts of audio, and how to handle each piece of equipment properly.

After these mock setups, Vera gave an even more in-depth presentation on the specificity involved in each role that makes up a production crew. This allowed for some time after the presentation to sort out who would be in what role on each film crew and the name of their group. And so, Jelo Media, Boba Team, and Mint Chip Media were born!

Everyone seemed to take to their roles super fast and each table represented a full team waiting to get to work. After a short introduction to the significance of the story in a film, the day concluded with the teams working on the skeletons of their stories and what will eventually become their films by the end of this camp.


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