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HWF@HIFF40 Special Edition

HWF Program Productions @ Student Showcase

A VLOG DURING COVID Directed by: Nalea Kaaikala // It is a normal day for a teenage girl as she makes plans for a day out but in these tough times, there is COVID. Produced during the 2020 Youth Mental Wellness Reel Camp for Girls.

FLOODS OF HOPE Directed by: Saige Adaro // Floods of Hope is an experimental spoken word film that explores the importance of environmental activism with the rising sea levels in the state of Hawaiʻi. Produced during the 2020 Environmental Justice Reel Camp for Girls.

DEAR 2030 Directed by: Christian Cristobal // This film captures the essence of healing the world we live in everyday. And how we can make an impact as individuals with the time we are given right now. Produced during the 2020 Environmental Justice Reel Camp for Girls.

PIKO I, PIKO O, PIKO A : ʻŌLINO ARTS VIRTUAL ANIMATION ACADEMY 2020 Directed by: Liliʻuokalani Trust ʻŌlino Arts & Hawaiʻi Women in Filmmaking // This reel is the result of three weeks of learning and community building around animation rooted in the Hawaiian belief of three states of being.

HWF Alumni Productions

LIGHT Directed by: Tiffany Liu // Darkness: America is living in it day by day. As individuals we are all so unique, yet as humanity we are all so similar. The key to unlock our rightful future is the need for light. - Daniel K. Inouye Initiative Showcase

KĀHULI Directed by: Phoenix Maimiti Valentine // Kāhuli (Beloved Hawaiian Land & Tree Snails), once adorned native Hawaiian Forests abundantly. Over 750 species were documented through chants & folklore. Today less than 40 species survive. - Student Showcase

THE QUARANTINE SURVIVAL GUIDE Directed by: Alia Speciale, Serafino Speciale // A tween watches a comedy video on how to cope with covid-19. - Student Showcase

DEAR PRESIDENT Directed by: Phoenix Maimiti Valentine // E mālama Hōnua a me ke Aloha kekahi i kekahi! Let’s care for the Earth, and respect one another. “Dear President” is written in hopes that America may be guided by righteousness and not avarice. - Daniel K. Inouye Initiative Showcase

HIFF Festival Event listing

THU 11/05/20 – SUN 11/29/20

Festival Passes and individual ticket purchases available online at


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