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Accelerated production - EJ Day #4

We started the fourth session off today thinking about our most memorable moments so far since the camp started. Lessons on recording, camera placement, and other film-related moments came up: filming appears to be the only thing on participants’ minds today and with good reason.

Reel camp is accelerated production and when they get a chance to get to work, it’s best to seize it.

Much of today, though, is going to be dedicated to getting the details of the story as hammered out as possible and to complete whatever filming can be squeezed into the afternoon.

When they’re not shooting, they’re diligently planning things out and discussing the particulars of their film. One team is in a room they’ve sectioned off for filming and I can hear them trying to figure out exactly what they’re trying to capture. Every little thing matters and every second counts at this stage.

A ‘lofi hip hop radio beats to study/relax to’ playlist plays softly in the background as slowly, one by one, the teams make their way outside to start filming.

Soon the room is empty save for a few of the staff and one editor.

The rest of the day is spent in silence and catching occasional glimpses of the participants as they run inside to get props or equipment and run back out again.

As the 4:00 pm sun beats down onto the courtyard during our closing circle, we prepare for the fifth session soon to follow and another busy day ahead for our participants.


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