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Our Young Women Filmmakers at HIFF 2018

Films produced at our filmmaking programs for girls were officially invited to the 38th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival (November 8-18, 2018).

The films were: Thoughts and Prayers by Jade McKinney, Olivia Park, Inez Anderson, Jessie Hearther, and Jordan Hurst; The Vortex by Senala Poe, Jessie Hearther, Fiona Sievert, and Jade Brier; The Mural by Emily Smith, Ka’iulani Ferrer, Helena Goto, Kaede Kimura, and Xiamara Gallant Ortiz; and Decode Dress Code by Martha Nichols, Ka’iulani Ferrer, Christian Cristobal, and Kanani Jones!

Filled with insight and discovery, HIFF is dedicated to advancing understanding and cultural exchange among the peoples of Asia, the Pacific and North America by presenting films from around the world. HIFF presents the best short films submitted by primary and secondary students from Hawaiʻi and it is a great opportunity for students to view top-notch films produced by their peers.

Students whose films are selected for the Student Showcase are invited to introduce their work and to participate in post-screening Q&A sessions with audience members. Here what our Young Women Filmmakers said:

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