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Waiting in line at HIFF can be a worthwhile experience

As a turkey sub was being devoured, a mysterious figure named 'Bob' emerged. He spoke of his 5 year old daughter whose animation was showcased at the very first HIFF in 1981. History was about to reveal itself. Waiting in line at HIFF can be a worthwhile experience!

'Bob' expressed how his daughter, addressed an audience of 600! She told a tale of 2 flowers that were friends, they got into a spat, and as the sun rose, so did their friendship, to endure brighter days. At the age of 5, this female animator, created the story, made the animation, did the narration in it, then shared her thoughts with an astounding 600! Stupendous! I began wondering about the inspiration in her life. What was her environment like? What were her influences? How did she accomplish this feat?

Today, she's a History major, smiled, 'Bob'.

Eventually, he offered more 'momi' (pearls of wisdom). Possibly, wearing an HWF T-shirt strikes up conversation! Directors are like entrepreneurs, he spills. You have to know how to do everything! In the beginning you might not have the budget. So you have to learn or ...If you got money to go to school, make a movie instead. You don't really need school. You need a good story, a winning production team, and a great cast. It's a tough industry. Lots of competition. You'll be surprised how many people will tell you that you can't do it. Even your good friends will say that this is a crazy idea, and why are you doing this? But, in the end you need to believe in yourself and stick with your idea. There's a need for entertainment. There's a lot of money out there to be made in this industry. But you need all the elements! As far as research goes, that takes a year or more. Then you start shooting. Take a year or more to edit. After about 4 years, you've got a film.

'Bob' went to school as an editor, then pursued directing. He said, in school, you begin to gravitate to your interest. You find out what you're good at or what you like doing. He suggested taking up photography, writing, learning business laws and patents. A director needs to know almost everything, or at least know people that are good at certain things you need in making a production. Presently, 'Bob' is a producer. He was one of the producers with Conception Alicino, on "The Last Taxi Dance." That explains the influence of filmmaking in his daughters life.

On Sunday Nov. 11th, at the HWF Wāhine in Film Mixer, there was a board with a question asking about 'Intersectional Connectivity' and it's importance for females. Well, in life we co-exist. Female, Male. Yin, Yang. Young, Old. "Time and chance happens to us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11 What will you do with what you've been given?

By the way, 'Bob' was attending "Reel Wāhine in Film" an HWF Feature Film Series this HIFF 2018. 'Bob' is a fan of those incredible nā wāhine. He's also worked with them! Just another example of Intersectional Connectivity. This Industry of Film, demonstrates it!

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