• Pumehana Cabral

An overwhelming feeling of aloha in the room @MMTM

Ready, set, action!

We definitely kicked things up a notch for this week’s Making Media That Matters! After last week’s more mellow session, we decided as a staff to make sure this session had more action – meaning interactive group rotations and a range of activities.

As the students arrived, many of us shared that this had been yet another rough week. However, I think you could feel our excitement as a staff to begin the day and get moving.The girls mentioned that many of them were on Fall Break and weren’t sure how many folks would show up – but, to our pleasant surprise, almost everyone was able to join us and seemed just as excited as we were! We had talked as a staff about the need to ground ourselves more, so Kristle led us in a special activity to open the space. Once everyone was settled, we sat on the floor in a circle and Kristle had us do a series of deep breaths together, then take some time to reflect on the question “Why am I here?” She prompted us to think about how and why we ended up in the MMTM program and how special this type of space is. Folks shared a variety of answers, some touching on professional film goals, some mentioning the importance of creative expression, others talking about the support they feel in this space. It was an extremely calming and centering activity and, at least for myself, fostered a great deal of gratitude for the girls and staff involved in MMTM.

After our opening circle, Kristle passed the mic to me to introduce our activities for the day. It was a bit hard switching gears from our emotional opening to a more technical run through of the session, but I tried my best to hype up the energy and share the excitement I was feeling for the day. I let the girls know that they would be splitting up into their production crews to do three 30-minute rotations together: dialogue, film content & camera. Since one group was missing, we decided to start with dialogue & film content, then do camera all at the same time afterwards. We let them know that we would like to see a finished script by the next session and encouraged them to use the activities to help jumpstart that process. After about 10 minutes in their groups, we transitioned right into the rotations.