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We marched

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and marched with us. Thank you to everyone who stopped to our table to say aloha and learn about us. As the organizers of the March say, "The March was not the end but a beginning of a new wave of activism to ensure women’s rights are kept at the forefront." Yes, we are witnessing and acting, and speaking up - now more than ever. To keep the momentum going:

Hawai'i shirt benefits homeless youth ​And support SUPPORT FEMINIST MEDIA!

If you missed it, here a video of our contribution to the Rally. Lanaly Cabalo (HWF communications) enunciated eloquently what we stand for.

Speechwriters: Daniella Ortiz-Padilla (HWF Outreach) & Vera Zambonelli (HWF ED)

Photo credits: Valerie Narte (HWF Filmmaker in residence)

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