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Independent Lens Launches Indie Lens Pop-Up in Honolulu and 75 Cities Across the U.S.

Independent Lens announced today the launch of Indie Lens Pop-Up, a neighborhood screening series that brings people together for community-driven conversations around films from the award-winning PBS series. Formerly known as Community Cinema, the long-running screening series has been renamed Indie Lens Pop-Up to strengthen the bond between the Independent Lens television series and local communities, and bring new energy and new audiences to the in-person events as well as online OVEE events and the broadcasts on PBS Hawaii. Over the past decade, screenings of Independent Lens films have brought more than 331,000 participants together at over 5,700 events to discuss issues that impact local communities.

The Indie Lens Pop-Up lineup includes a diverse selection of new documentaries that explore issues from race to gun violence, from veterans’ issues to autism. Hawai‘i Women in Filmmaking is thrilled to partner on Indie Lens Pop-Up. The community’s participation in past seasons has been incredible. People who may not know each other are building bonds and creating new partnerships. Our screenings highlight the importance of civil conversation and social responsibility and motivate people to get involved. Indie Lens Pop-Up creates a warm, welcoming and enjoyable space for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in a time where these opportunities seem to be dwindling. We learn and grow together as a community through the conversations that follow each film.

The Indie Lens Pop-Up 2015-2016 Lineup can be found here!

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