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Reel Camp for girls- first ever! 2012

In 2012, Hawai‘i Women in Filmmaking ran the first annual Summer Reel Camp for Girls, a free week- long pilot program. We worked with eleven teenage girls, age 13-17, to create an inspiring learning environment. As stated in its objectives, the girls primarily acquired knowledge about film, its power and its craft, but also the time management, communications and interpersonal skills needed to carry on collaborative projects. The camp, hosted at the ARTS at Marks Garage, alternated introductory lectures with hands-on workshops and tutorials led by established women filmmakers. The girls were organized in groups for a total of four, and a filmmaker mentor assisted each group in its learning process. By the end of the camp, each group produced a short film. All the films were screened at the end of the camp, a Ohana screening to which friends and family were invited. Two of those productions were officially selected for the 32 Hawaii International Film Festival Student Showcase. 

Final films 

This camp has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Hawai‘i People's Fund, Women's Fund of Hawai‘i, and the Open Meadow Foundation, and the support of the Hawai‘i Media Literacy Program, the Domestic Violence Action Center, and EAH Housing.

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