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In Mama's Bowl by Lauren Finley Jacob

This short documentary follows Pua O' Eleili and Kelsey as they reclaim and share the recipe of pig's feet soup and its powerful reemergence into the hearts, mouths, and bellies of a local O'ahu community.

Long Project Description

Follo w ing mother Pua ʻO Eleili , ʻŌiwi cultural keeper, and researcher of lomi , lāʻau, and birthing practices , this documentary recounts her story of generational reclamation over the recipe of pig’ s feet soup, and its potent healing properties for the postpartum period. In Mama' s Bowl is an ode to the power and potency of a good bowl of soup. The story progresses a s Pua collaborates w ith Kelsey Amos of Mother wit Co., an Oʻahu based meal delivery business serving postpartum mothers and families nutrient - rich food. Together, Pua and Kelsey sha re their knowledge of this heal ing recipe in a community workshop for WIC, a federally funded program supporting women, infants , and children.

This story covers the importance of connecting to food, family, ingredients, and each other.

Developed during the 2023 Wāhine in Film Lab

Artist/Director Statement

Soon after I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was presented the opportunity to pitch this short film to Pua and Kelsey, the main characters of this documentary, during a brainstorming meeting for Motherwit Co. I knew this could be a beautiful cinematic story about sisterhood (try NOT to fall in love with Pua and Kelsey), reclaiming cultural healing practices, and the importance of postpartum care. Stories like this aren’t told often enough. Food has the ability to bring us all closer together. I’m just another mama that loves the deep nourishment found in a bowl of soup. With intimate interviews and close ups of Pua making her families pig’s feet soup recipe, I hope you come away from the film feeling the rich complexities (with)In Mama’s Bowl. 



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