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If By A Single Thread by Florence Jane Andres and Naomi Tarumoto

If By A Single Thread is a short, experimental documentary rooted in live action narrative recreations of cherished memories between the director, Florence Jane Andres, and her late mother, Jennifer. 

Long Project Description

If By A Single Thread is a short, experimental documentary rooted in the live action narrative recreations of intimate memories between our director and her late mother. These memories will be weaved together by an original work of poetry, personal archival photos and videos and an animation of red string flowing across the screen. Taking Inspiration from Makoto Shinkai’s “Kimi No Na Wa/Your Name”, If by A Single Thread will not only adopt its theory of the red strings of fate but place a certain significance to the idea that two people will always be connected by a single thread, no matter the time, space, dimension, or universe.

Developed during the 2023 Wāhine in Film Lab

Artist/Director Statement

The original vision for this film is that I wanted everything to come back in full circle. Whether it be from the very first scene: where we see the birth of Florence for the first time to a montage of archivals at the end of the film that leads back to that very first scene. Or from bringing back earlier flashbacks and memories and taking a closer look at how the red strings would interact with them in that moment, I wanted it to feel like a sense of returning to the self, of the main character being able to stand back up on her own two feet knowing that her mother would not be there to offer a hand. I also wanted it as a documentary not just because of the archival but because of its status of just looking at things a little bit closer. Obviously with the loss of a loved one, there are many things that we take for granted while they are still alive. The little things–like red michael kors sandals or a purple louis vuitton bag that my mother got me for christmas a few years ago. It fills me with regret that I didn’t appreciate it enough and looked for more at the time. But what I overlooked the most was her love, her memory, and her presence. I am not making this film to vent, or to grieve. Maybe more so to heal. But really to honor my mother’s memory. Her love now inspires me and keeps me going. She, who has inspired all my works of poetry, and has been the subject of my past films and possibly of all those going forward. All things that I have taken for granted. I don’t think we realize how much we really treasure these memories until they are all we have left. I wanted to use the animations of the red string and the poem to bring those memories closer and when I bring them back around a second time, it is to look deeper into the love that existed there from the very beginning, never to be taken for granted or overlooked ever again. My hope is that with the addition of other memories, archivals, and scenes in between, it would keep the film from becoming redundant or repetitive. It is, in this way, I hope to return my mother’s love back to her.  

Connection to the story


The film keeps the conversation going about COVID-19. Now that it has died down, many people would want to forget about it but I feel that would neglect the experiences of those like me who have been deeply affected by it now that people have stopped talking and stopped wearing masks, it is a chapter that should not be forgotten, but remembered. To be cautious and to continue to be cautious, if it returns, and if it continues to grow into different variants. It also has themes of grief which I don’t think is talked about enough, especially in filipino/asian american families. And there is a certain grief that surrounds those who have lost family members during the pandemic, for those who did not understand it, and for those unfairly taken from us so soon.

Creative Team

Director/Writer Florence:

Florence Jane Andres is a Filipino American graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s School of Cinematic Arts, formally known as the Academy for Creative Media. In her senior capstone year, she has directed a narrative film titled, Look Up To The Stars that won the ACM Audience Award and premiered at the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival’s Fall University Shorts Online Showcase. She has also directed a documentary titled, “The Ties That Bind”, that has won her the Wahine in Film award, Best Documentary, and Imagine Award during the ACM Awards Showcase. Both Works like If By A Single Thread have centered around events following her mother’s death and Florence hopes to continue writing stories around grief to pave the way for self-healing and to connect with others who may be suffering through the same thing.

Producer Naomi Tarumoto:

Naomi Tarumoto was born and adopted from Chongqing, China, though raised in 'Oahu, Hawai'i from a very young age. In December, 2022, she graduated from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa in Digital Cinema and is currently pursuing a career in film. Although she has experience in key roles such as director, editor, gaffer, and 1st AC, she is mostly interested in producing. Naomi has produced a variety of micro-shorts to narrative short films as well as experimental projects while at UH Mānoa such as ‘A Moment Through Time’ directed by Daniel Le, ‘Wallet Worth’ directed by herself, and ‘Nyctophobia’ directed by David Murray.

Gaffer Cody Retuta:

Cody Angel Retuta is from Oʻahu, and grew up in Waialua. Ever since he was young he loved watching movies from every genre. Now he is an aspiring screenwriter, director, producer, and now gaffer. Codyʻs most recent works include gaffing for the short film titled “Kunyari” directed by Justin Gerald Ocampo, and even working on the set of Walt Disneyʻs live action remake of “Lilo & Stitch.”

Animator Napua Rice:

Napua Rice is a Kānaka Maoli artist and animator who graduated from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa School of Cinematic Arts with an animation degree and a minor in studio art in May 2023. Napua’s work throughout SCA concludes of their experimental animation films “Wispers” and “A Wisper’s Journey”. As well as their current works in progress “Having a Blasphemy”, “Subspace Sandwich 2”, and “Creatures of the Night”. Napua’s artwork has also been featured in multiple galleries and museum exhibitions on the mainland as well as connecting with the local art community here in Hawai'i.

Editor/Sound Recordist Jalen-Rose Condes:

Jalen-Rose Condes is a video editor born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i. In 2022, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Media from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. He is currently a video editor intern at NMG Network, a client-based video production company. His short film he co-wrote and co-directed as his college capstone project, The McCully Boyz, recently made its world premiere at the Hawai’i International Film Festival. In his free time, he likes to make vlogs and entertaining videos on his YouTube channel, Unathletic Productions, for his family and friends to enjoy.



Contact information

Production Email

Florence Jane Andres (Director)

Naomi Tarumoto (Producer)

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