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The Girls Lead Initiative (GLI)

On January 30, 2018, we launched the first phase of the Girls Lead Initiative (GLI).
The first phase entailed the coming together of our young filmmakers who produced films during our filmmaking programs, such as the Reel Camps for Girls and Making Media That Matters. We met bi-weekly to select films and discuss their content with the goal of creating a curated program of films aimed at facilitating conversations around the issue that affect our youth. We talked-story with the filmmakers about the details of the filmmaking process, messaging, informed discussion about the issues their films address, and how to host curated screenings.

On May 31, we inaugurated the second phase by hosting our first curated screening at The ARTS at Marks Garage. Zoe, Phoenix, and Jordan presented films that talked about depression and anxiety, gave an extremely informative presentation, and engaged the audience in Q&A.