Docu Club Hawaiʻi

MARCH 1, 2022: Program is currently discontinued due to IDA internal reorganization. We will resume as soon as it will be possible. Mahalo for your interest! 

We have joined the DocuClub family with our partners International Documentary Association (IDA), Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), and Film Independent! #DocuClub is a work-in-progress screening series for documentary filmmakers to share their rough cut in an intimate setting with both fellow creators and the general audience. Program alumni include Minding the Gap, Belly of the Beast, and Stray. Read Documentary magazine's The Feedback column to learn more about their journeys from DocuClub to distribution. In addition to the screening and feedback session, filmmakers will be paired with seasoned story/editing consultants to help them integrate audience feedback into their project. In 2021-2022, all DocuClub events will be held virtually. We are now accepting submissions


About the Program

DocuClub is a work-in-progress screening series offering the public and members of the documentary film community a first look of new projects. Filmmakers and creators have the opportunity to showcase their rough cut and consult feedback from their peers and audience. 

Why DocuClub

For many, DocuClub is the first opportunity for a filmmaker to share their work-in-progress in an intimate setting with a general audience at a critical moment in their process. Presented in partnership with regional film organizations, select filmmakers are paired with seasoned story/editing consultants to help them integrate audience feedback into their film.

In 2021, due to the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, DocuClub will be held virtually. Screenings will be held on the Eventive platform, and feedback discussions will take place in a Zoom meeting immediately following screenings.


Project Submissions

Applications on a year-round, rolling basis from independent filmmakers.

past screenings

I of the water - oct 6, 2021


On Wednesday, October 6, 2021 for the DocuClub HI virtual work-in-progress screening of the feature film I of the Water: The Unwritten Life of Sia Figiel. Following the screening, we will be joined by Director/Producer/Writer Kimberlee Bassford for a discussion moderated by Lauren Kawana, Documentary Filmmaker and Producer. 

Sia Figiel was the first Pacific Islander to write about Samoan girls, and her novels broke silence on taboos like sexual abuse, violence and suicide. But while bold and open on paper, Sia privately struggles with myriad pains.

At the heart of her anguish is a secret she harbors—a shame she has carried since she was nine. It will take traversing a continent, an ocean, her own memories and even the specter of death before she is ready to speak this shame and in doing so reframe societal notions of abuse, trauma and healing.