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Day 1 | March 1st, 2017

Day 2 | March 2nd, 2017



#WOWFF17 Filmmaker Interviews

Shot by Caitlin Alvior & Valerie Narte

March 1, 2017

4:00 short films program #1



So we'll always remember

A film by Chloe Fagan, Mele Hattori, Kanani Jones, and Taimane Matua


This short film is about two best friends, Skylar and Jessica in a roller coaster of obstacles. In the end will their friendship remain steadfast? Or will it die?

The Replacements

A film by Ryan Coules and Liv Peralta


Are you sure who your friends are?

Kill them with kindness

A film by Phoenix Maimiti Valentine Uesugi, Kamali Compehos, Alex Davis, Kahōkū Hattori, Lauryn Ford


Amber and Sophia, two bullied girls in school, decide to spread jubilation across their town with post its of cheer, motivation, and inspiration. Their odyssey of happiness leaves the girls with confidence to face even their bullies with messages of joy.

A twisted friendship

A film by Lucy Fagan,  Sydnee Lum, Camila Centeno-Salimova, Kuʻulei Fung


A story of friendship torn apart by a glimpse of popularity. Main character, Kate, now has to deal with the “mean girls” and cyber bullying. In the midst of the drama, Kate finds a new friend in an unexpected place.

Diagnosed pink

A film by Kayla Manz, Ginger Morris, and Jade Brier


This documentary is about Lindsey Andrews, a young mother sharing her journey battling stage IV Breast Cancer. In this film she explains the hardships she has had to face including the extremely difficult decisions that come along throughout the journey.

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4:30-5:30 panel w/filmmakers on

*girls make movies* moderated by Taylour chang

6:00 short films program #2

Blank projections

A film by Jordyn Saito, Grace Schnetzler, Andromeda King, and Zoe Payne


Blank Projections is an experimental short film that takes an alternative look at the influence society has on girls.


A film by Kyung Ju Lee, Trinity Lonoaea, Jenna Kuramoto, Malia Kuramoto, Maya Williams, and Sequoia Rusk

A girl is chased by cutouts of a magazine when struggling with self-image and confidence issues. 

Selfie: The Girl Behind the Face

A film by Ella Lacanienta


The short documentary "Selfie" represents the stereotypes that cloud people's judgement and self-perception. I targeted my research and interviews towards females since the majority of media and social norms regarding women's appearances are mainly based off of size and beauty rather than knowledge and strength. This 10-minute film allows its viewers to have a glimpse into the humorous and pressured teenage girls of Hawaii. Hopefully the documentary will be used as a tool to raise awareness about negative social media that deeply affect female adolescents.

On beauty

A film by Joanna Rudnick


The film follows fashion photographer Rick Guidotti, who left the fashion world when he grew frustrated with having to work within the restrictive parameters of the industry’s standard of beauty. After a chance encounter with a young woman who had the genetic condition albinism, Rick re-focused his lens on those too often relegated to the shadows to change the way we see and experience beauty. At the center of ON BEAUTY are two of Rick's photo subjects: Sarah and Jayne. In eighth grade Sarah left public school because she was bullied so harshly for the birthmark on her face and brain. Jayne lives with albinism in Eastern Africa where society is blind to her unique health and safety needs and where witch doctors hunt people with her condition to sell their body parts. We follow Rick as he uses his lens to challenge convention and media’s narrow scope of with the help of two extraordinary women.

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7:00-8:00 Q&a and panel w/filmmakers on *alternative narratives* moderated by katherine caldwell

March 2, 2017

6:00 short films program #3

The Bridge

A film by Cindy Iodice


Pono, a tenacious seven-year old Hawaiian boy, lives with his family in a five-story tree house, deep in the rainforest of Hawaii's Manoa Valley. By spending time with his native Hawaiian father and through the process of cultural transmission the boy learns about his ancestral roots and Hawaiian history. Will young Pono's knowledge be enough to help save his Caucasian Christian mother's life during her chance encounter with the Hawaiian Night Marchers, a troop of ghostly apparitions?

Late Expectations

A film by Laurie Arakaki

A closeted lesbian must tell her boyfriend the truth.

B Movie

A film by Alana Bombino


Liann, a competitive 5th grader from Hilo, Hawaii, is paired up with Louie, the class clown for a video assignment and must learn to compromise with him or risk failing the assignment.

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Q&A with filmmakers moderated by carter schneider

7:30 Feature documentary + call to action

Ovarian Psycos