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Time management, steady workflow, and relation-building at its finest - Day #5

It was quiet in the space on Friday. Probably the quietest it’s been since we started the camp.

The fifth session was dedicated to reviewing footage and getting as much editing and assembling done as possible so I suppose it makes sense: the stillness.

The abundance of moments one had in between re-examining shots and typing out interview transcripts to sit for a second. Breathe. Feel the chill of the air conditioning sweep over you as you look out onto the hot, concrete of University. Notice the way the sky hints at overcast for the entire day just before the sun comes barreling down once again. Reminding us that it is in fact summer. That we still have some months to go before some of us return to school or a fuller bus on the morning commute to work. That we need to get in whatever ocean, play, community time that we can now before our schedules become a lot busier.

This day went just the way it was supposed to. Work balanced with moments of respite. Sharing food together at the long, wooden family-like tables. Huddling around laptops and working together to get the film as wrapped up as possible in the time available for the day.

The anticipation for Saturday when everyone will get to see what was created in this beautiful space and with such beautiful people. Time management, steady workflow, and relation-building at its finest.

We’re all so excited to see and learn come Saturday.


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