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Things are going swimmingly - EJ#2 day two

Day two had us starting off with a reflection on the Tree of Life exercise from the previous day.

As we sat around the table, participants and mentors shared their feelings about the exercise, what parts felt easier to fill out, what parts were the hardest, and overall what the exercise made them think a little more about. The beauty of exercises like these and the practice of sharing them with each other is that we get to learn a bit more about who we are building community with and what stories they are bringing with them to this work we’re doing together. It all means something at the end of the day and it all informs how we move about in the world, even if we are only catching glimpses of it in occasional exercises like Tree of Life.

Afterward, Lauren lead us once again into a presentation on EJ and local initiatives that are focused on EJ efforts directly in Hawaiʻi. She reminded us once again of the importance of recognizing that capitalism= extractive and destructive ways of living whereas decolonization and Indigenous ways of living= abundant and growth centered ways of living: that Indigenous ways of relating to the earth enable us to see it as a relative that we live in concert with as opposed to something that should be conquered and taken from.

The rest of the day after Lauren’s presentation had the participants doing hands-on practice with camera again, focusing especially on audio, as well as coming up with a production crew name (Mango Media Productions is what they decided on by the way, which I think is super rad) and finally, brainstorming the story that will become the film we watch on Saturday. Things are going swimmingly.

Onward we go!


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