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Nothing deters the artist - EJ#2 day five

In a strange turn of events, we find ourselves with wind AND rain in the second to last session.

In this part of the program, it’s mostly about continuing to get footage and edit before the showcase on Saturday. So as soon as participants enter the space they go straight into the work and today was no exception. Even with the weather worse than the day before, they found a way.

Sitting at my desk in the back, I watched them find shelter underneath a building across the lawn and set up for filming there. Less than ideal conditions but nothing deters the artist.

The rest of the day was spent deep in the craft. Editing, drawing and coloring on more paper, discussing shots, the progression of the storyboard, and other logistics that need ironing out before showing a film.

The participants and mentors as architects. Continuing to build these awesome, potential worlds.

So excited for the showcase and the film to come!


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