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WIF Pau Hana: Making a living with filmmaking

This past Friday, we gathered for our Wāhine in Film Pau Hana, and it was a fun way to end the working week!

As the host, I find it incredibly refreshing how the conversation flows organically. In fact, after the initial introductions, whoever wants to ask a question to the group does - and we all contribute based on our own experience. We are quite a diverse group; thus, different perspectives and insights, and sometimes even more questions, are brought to the fore.

This past week, a recent film school graduate (congratulations!) asked the question of how to make a living being a filmmaker, how to be a professional filmmaker, and/or fund your films? These questions drove a lively conversation!

It was immediately apparent how this question was so relevant to everyone in the gathering and how there is not just one way to make a living as a filmmaker, fund your own projects, or simply maintain a creative life. We talked about grant-writing and what may make a proposal successful. We also talked about working for hire, working jobs that may not be related to filmmaking and yet be instrumental in developing transferable skills, and the circumstances that may make an unpaid opportunity acceptable.

Such a rich and enjoyable conversation it was! Actually, we ended up staying online longer than the one hour planned. I think it counts as another great sign that this is working; everyone is present, enjoying the time we spend together building the beloved community we want to be part of.

May this year-end bring you aloha, rest, peace, warmth, and joy. You deserve it.

See you next year!


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