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Environmental themes coming through - EJ day #3

After going over the agenda of the day, Vera had the teams launch into camera setup and recording right away. The day’s focus was on editing and becoming familiar with editing software so naturally, we learn best with things like this through actively doing them.

As usual, everyone is taking to their roles quickly and taking turns being in front of the camera and practicing with the slate. The sound of the slate snapping into place and different groups announcing “sound! mark it! action!” resound throughout the assembly room.

Editors and directors are hanging back to learn editing software while the rest of the team goes off into the courtyard and surrounding buildings to practice shooting and recording. Ideas are already taking on fuller forms as participants discuss certain shots, what rooms work best for what kind of setting they’re trying to create, and the mentors are working alongside them to ensure they have the tools to capture it all.

One can already see the environmental themes coming through, with practice shots including scenes focusing on littering and teams talking with Lauren from Sierra Club about the deep politics of pollution and environmentalism/environmental justice. With two teams doing more PSA focused films attempting to bring attention to pressing environmental concerns and the final team steering more towards a fictional imagining of life in the present versus life in a world where fossil fuels have made the world and daily life entirely unrecognizable, the participants are moving fast with shot lists, scriptwriting, and research.

As we concluded with a quick closing circle, we ended the day’s session looking forward to seeing what the participants come up with in the next few days leading up to the final product.


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