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Support our Summer Reel Camps for Girls by donating or sharing today!!!

Since 2012, our Summer Reel Camps for Girls have worked towards redressing gender inequity in the film industry by increasing the number of girls (cis, trans, non-binary) behind the camera, and giving them the tools to create media from their perspectives. During the camps, participants learn about media literacy and develop film and critical-thinking skills. The camps provide a platform for girls to tell their stories and be agents of social change through film.

At the Basic Reel camp, the girls learn storytelling, camera, lighting, audio, and editing. Then, they break into small production teams with a mentor to create a short film.

For the Advanced camp, each participant pitches an original story on the first day and four films are selected to be produced during the camp.

In the 2D Animation camp, the girls develop stories and images through drawings.

During the Stop Motion camp, they create animated films using paint, clay, puppets, objects or people.

We want to raise about 20,000 dollars to be able to offer a sliding scale fee for all of the camps and free registration to those who cannot afford it.

We will never turn away a girl for lack of funding.

Help us change the narrative of who makes media!

To donate, click here!

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