Reel Camps for Girls

The Reel Camp for Girls is a brave, safe and creative space and time where girls (cis, trans) and gender-expansive, non-binary, gendernon conforming youth, unleash their creativity, build confidence, and initiate a long-term individual transformational journey from passive recipients of content that others create, to active creators and makers of their own stories - stories that need to be heard and seen. 

Girls need to develop the skills and literacy to critically understand the context we live in, the negative images found in all forms of media and within their relationships with family members, teachers, friends.


A safe environment that encourages girls/women to tell their stories and educate each other is key. Girls need to be involved in the creative filmmaking and media production processes and learn the skills to interpret the limiting gendered images they face daily. 


This is why HWF is providing filmmaking and gendered media literacy programs and initiatives built just for girls in Hawaiʻi.


There is no similar initiative or program here on Oʻahu.

What happens at a Reel Camp?
Past camps


Racial Justice & Healing Reel Camp for Girls - March 15-19, 2021










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