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Racial Justice Reel Camp Summer 2022

day-by-day + films produced

Day 1

The first day of our Racial Justice Reel Camp is quite the busy one. With participants filling the space and getting to know each other well before our start time, we begin our opening circle early and start to learn more about one another. Our social worker Pumehana introduces all of us to the ahupua`a that we are holding our reel camp on and through this acknowledgement reminds us all that this is indeed Kānaka Maoli land. After guiding us through introductions in `ōlelo hawai`i and everyone sharing a bit about where we come from as well as the places we call home, we delve into the creation of our community agreements document. Every participant adds an agreement to their papers during this time, creating a braid of accountability, trust, and the understanding that we will respect and take care of each other and ourselves while sharing this space together for the week. 

After our community agreements and a brief exercise focusing on personal perceptions and reflections of race given by Akiemi Glenn of The Pōpolo Project, we have a short lunch before diving right into a lecture on camera and hands on practice with the film equipment. The lectures and practice sessions seem to zoom by, with a lecture on film genres and a writing activity quickly following behind. Though a fast-paced day, the participants are along for the ride at every stop. 

Earlier in the session, Akiemi reminds the room of the importance of coming to these projects and our communities as a whole from our own experiences; to let that be our guide when interacting and creating with people. As we close the day with our circle and some small reflections, it’s evident this reminder has been taken to heart. We have a room full of participants who are excited to tell their stories and listen to others as they do the same.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing every single one.

Day 2