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Partnering Organizations

We are grateful to have partnered with the organizations listed below that have acted as resources for participants in our program and continue to better our community through the work they do.

Teen Alert

Teen Alert assists teen survivors of dating violence and their families with crisis counseling, resources and legal advocacy. In addition, staff visit intermediate and high schools as well as youth serving organizations across the state to provide teens with education about healthy relationships and dating violence.In working with teens, we have found that by the time Hawai'i students reach their senior year in high school, half of them will know someone who has been in an abusive relationship. Thus, the mission of the Teen Alert Program is to nurture the voices of youth in our island communities and to spread the message that it takes both love and courage to end the abuse.


Hawai`i Girls Court 

The Hawai`i Girls Court is one of the first courts in the United States built on a full range of gender-specific and strength-based programming with a caseload targeting female juvenile offenders. Its all-female (Presiding Judge, Probation Officers, Program Coordinator, Therapist, etc.) staff is a uniquely powerful aspect of the program. Gender-specific programming seeks to recognize the fundamental differences between male and female juvenile offenders as well as their different pathways to delinquency and, in doing so, act efficiently, creatively, and innovatively to stem the quickly rising tide of female delinquency.


‘Opio Haku Mo‘olelo

This young program continues to bring creative writing workshops to youth within the juvenile justice system. Meaning and relevant programming can positively impact youth by providing coping skills and a better understanding of their life situations. Within the past three years, workshops have expanded beyond the Detention Home to Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility and Home Maluhia.


Community Alliance on Prisons (CAP)

Community Alliance on Prisons (CAP) is a community initiative working to develop effective interventions for Hawai’i’s offenders and to improve the quality of justice in Hawai’i. We are a diverse coalition of community groups, churches, scholars, businesses, concerned community members, service providers, families of inmates, and ex-offenders.


Pū`ā Foundation

At the Pū`ā Foundation it’s about - community healing and well-being, to reconcile the past to present, so that together as a community, we can build a better future. It is our vision that through pū`ā – the process of feeding, nourishing & strengthening, there will be the emergence of enlightened & empowered communities and society. So let us learn together, work together, & eat together.


Ka Hale Ho‘ala Hou No Na Wahine

Ka Hale Ho‘ala Hou No Na Wahine is a community-based re-entry program dedicated to the mission of empowering women to successfully transition from prison to the community. We contract with the State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety to provide comprehensive re-entry services to approximately 100 women each year. Women live at our program for a minimum of 6 months, receiving support and guidance as they rebuild their lives, take accountability, and make the changes necessary to become healthy, productive community members.