Making Media That Matters

Spring 2014


Making Media That Matters uses film to get to the root causes of incarceration among girls. We will ask the question: Why are girls incarcerated in Hawai‘i? Why Native Hawaiian girls are disproportionately represented in the juvenile justice system? What impedes their health, economic and spiritual opportunities, relationships, empowerment, and civic engagement? How can adults be allies? What are the stories we don't know or don't want to talk about?


Making Media That Matters provides a platform for girls to tell their stories and be agents of social change through film. Their stories will create a critical gender media conducive to reframing the way adults and allies think about young women and the risks they face. Together we will build a stronger society grounded in their realities. Their media projects will inform other young women and adults and those who concern themselves with the most serious "problems" and "risks" young women face. Almost all of our understanding of girls in the criminal justice system is based on research about boys. Raising anything to a "problem" is a competitive process among other would-be problems. Few researchers have studied girls, and those that have almost never included their actual voices. We want to see shifts in public dialogue and how the issue is framed and discussed and ultimately in laws and the social norms that take away their human rights and render them voiceless.


This program results from a close collaboration with other local organizations, to see who are our partnering organization, please click here.


Making Media That Matters has been made possible thanks to the incredible generosity and support of Hawaii Photo Rental, 'Ōlelo Community Media Kaimuki and Mapunapuna Centers, The Atherton Family Foundation,  Hawai‘i  People's Fund, the Kim Coco Iwamoto Donor Advised Fund for Social Justice , the Hawai‘i State Commission on the Status of Women, Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, and the ARTS at Marks Garage


MMTM | Week 1






Making Media That Matters Icebreaker

“Our space/Our wall” agreement setting with Maddie

Kimmy and Maddie poetry sharing

Getting started


2nd icebreaker


MMTM | Week 2




Welcome/Check in

Talk story with our partner organizations: Pua Foundation, DVAC, Girls Court, Community Alliance on Prisons, TJ Mahoney, Opio Haku Mo’olelo

Introduction to filmmaking

MMTM | Week 3


Welcome announcements

Partner Presentation: The portrait of girls in the juvenile system by Bryan and Jamie from Opio Haku Mo’olelo

Filmmaking: Process and roles led by Gemma

Social network concepts and exercises led by Aisis

MMTM | Week 4


Presentation by Girls Court: How to strengthen resiliency

Debrief on presentation and activity led by Maddie

Camera work led by Aisis

MMTM | Week 5


Welcome: Announcements

‘Olelo camera training with Shasta and Kala

Camera fun with Aisis

Life mapping exercise with Maddie

Work in groups to set up social media presence

MMTM | Week 6



Welcome and check in

Begin where we left off with life mapping and dreams

Groups: Camera work and sound

Interview workshop with Noe Tanigawa of Hawaii Public Radio


MMTM | Week 7


Welcome and announcements: Maker Faire

Domestic Violence Action Center Presentation led by Steph

What’s in a message?

Audio work at The Creative

Work in mentor groups



MMTM | Week 8


Welcome and check in

The power of Expression presentation led by Joanne from the Pua Foundation

Group time

Work on messages and social media plan

Last week review on audio and lighting

MMTM | Week 9


Welcome and announcements

Storyboarding led by Michelle

Presentation on what works by Judge Karen Radius

Choose your words poetry exercise led by Faith

Group time: Messaging, story development, work on your assumptions

Report and share out

MMTM | Week 10



Presentation by Lorraine from TJ Mahoney on the impact of decisions

Group time to work on interview ideas, stories, and messaging

Regroup and share


MMTM | Week 11


Welcome and announcements

Turning your message into a visual medium

Working in groups with Gemma

Intro to interview techniques

More audio work

MMTM | Week 12


Audio and video for interview setup example led by Aisis and Gemma

Mock interviews

Time to set up your own interview shot

More mock interviews

Regroup for show and tell with footage

MMTM | Week 13


​​RESPECT Campaign presentation by brooke from the sex abuse treatment center

camerawork with aisis and gemma

group work on project

MMTM | Week 14


Check ins

Reporting to Aisis

Reflections as a group and individual

Short review on media management and editing

Work work work on your project

Deadlines introduced

MMTM | Week 15


Crunch time

Media management

Interview questions + appointment set up

Production at HWF headquarters

MMTM | Week 16


Free write led by Maddie

Check in with Gemma

Tech session led by Aisis

Questions writing: group work

MMTM | Week 17



Final edits

Rough cut showing!


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